Transformational Astrology

This is a process of growing, of overcoming limitations and of evolving in consciousness.


Astrology is a spiritual tool which enables Gavin to see what it’s like to be you, in the sense that your challenges, your strengths, your talents and your life purpose become apparent from a spiritual perspective. Your astrological birth chart shows the intention of your spirit, and how it has arranged circumstances in your life to support you to grow and flourish as a spiritual being. Learn More>

Gavin Carruthers

A big part of my work as an astrologer is as a teacher.

I see my primary purpose as an astrologer is to help others align with spiritual intention and create better lives. We all have struggles, but those challenges serve a greater purpose. Read More >


The first three discs of this multi-part series are now available.

Culled from the experience of teaching astrology to thousands of students over three decades. Like learning in a private class, without the travel. Read More >

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