How Transformational Astrology is different:

There are many different kinds of astrology and most people likely assume they are largely concerned with fortune telling, predicting the future, or perhaps describing different personality types. This is not surprising, considering the most common exposure to astrology is the horoscope column in the local newspaper. In traditional astrology the birth chart represents a fixed fate or destiny, personality characteristics that are predictable, and events and circumstances that are likely to show up in the future.

Astrologers historically have felt the need to prove to a skeptical world that their art has validity, and are often tempted to do so through prediction and “being right”. When an astrologer looks at a client birth chart and makes predictions about their lives and future, it may appear they know what they are talking about, but does it always help their client?

Transformational astrology is very different because it is more concerned with a process of evolving, of overcoming limitations and of growing in consciousness.

Control versus Growth:

There are two ways to handle adversity. One is to attempt to control life, keep things the same, and essentially resist spiritual growth, perhaps dismissing it as irrelevant or unreal. This causes us to view life’s challenges as negative, as spoiling our attempt to control the direction of our lives.

The second way is to be open to spiritual growth and open to challenges, which are seen as opportunities to become more, to awaken one’s awareness.

My purpose is to empower people to move from the first, to the second perspective, supporting them to take responsibility for their lives and helping them trust the loving wisdom of their spirit, which has arranged the opportunities for their enlightenment during their time in a body on planet Earth.

Free Will versus Destiny:

One of the spiritual rules of being a human is that we have free will. We have the freedom and the right to resist the challenges in our lives and the guidance of our spirit, but to do so is to push against the current of our destiny, which was chosen by our inner spiritual wisdom. So the smart thing to do is to try to understand our spiritual plans for this lifetime and to align with them. That not only makes everything work more easily, but eventually leads us to what we are all really looking for, which is inner peace and happiness.

So as an astrologer, rather than predicting what is likely in your future I am much more interested in empowering you to create what is perhaps less likely but much more fulfilling, and much more in alignment with the intentions and aspirations of your spirit.

Thus, even the most challenging times in your life can be reframed as opportunities for growth, pressures through which you can accelerate your growth and bring more spiritual wisdom into your life and into your conscious awareness.

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