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Gavin Carruthers has been a fulltime astrological consultant and teacher for more than 30 years. He has recently relocated from Sedona, Arizona to Lockerbie, Scotland, where he is currently offering both in-person and phone consultations.  In the future he plans to return to teaching his in-person and online classes once he has completed medical treatment for ear problems.  In the meantime he is available for personal tutoring and individualised classes.

Gavin’s love for astrology began at a very early age, and he was very active in the Scottish Astrological Association in the late 70’s, spending a couple of years serving on the committee as treasurer.  In 1981 Gavin moved to Sacramento, California, where he co-founded the School For Cyclelogical Studies and the Star Experience workshop series with astrologer John Ruskell.

In 1994 Gavin relocated once again, this time to the high desert town of Sedona, Arizona, where he continued to hold classes and offer consultations to people from all over the world.  In the interim he lectured at AFAN conferences in California and at “Steps To Awareness” in Telluride, Colorado. In 2009 he was a guest speaker at the “Finding The Gift In Shift” conference in Sedona, Arizona and was interviewed on the syndicated Dr. Pat radio show.

Now returned to the land of his birth, Gavin looks forward to expanding his work, and sharing his unique perspectives on astrology with new students and new clients.

Helping you turn challenges into growth:

Astrology is an extraordinary tool, capable of revealing profound truths about yourself and your life, and gives you an expanded perspective of your world. Gavin’s primary purpose in being an astrologer is to assist you in knowing more deeply who you truly are.

Gavin’s approach is supportive and positive, blending psychological and spiritual insights with his astrological perspectives. A reading with him is a co-creation, combining Gavin’s expertise with your self-awareness, focusing on illuminating the choices available to you. It is neither fortune-telling, nor a method of predicting the future, but more a way of helping you align your life direction with the wisdom of your Highest Self.

Astrology is a spiritual tool which enables Gavin to see what it’s like to be you, and allows him to observe your challenges, strengths, talents and life purpose from a spiritual perspective. Another way of saying this is that your astrological birth chart shows the intention of your spirit, and how it has arranged circumstances in your life to support you to grow and flourish as a spiritual being. It is a process, not a fixed reality, and in that sense Gavin’s primary purpose as an astrologer is to help others align with their spiritual intention and learn how to create better lives for themselves.

What makes Gavin different from many astrologers, is his belief that there is never anything negative in a birth chart. That is not to say that we don’t all have our struggles or difficulties, but those challenges serve a greater purpose, and are tailor-made by our spirit or “higher self” from a place of great wisdom and compassion.

Gavin considers being able to work with astrology as a great privilege and honour, and is grateful to have found this extraordinary tool that can be shared with others in a meaningful way.

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