Pluto Experience DVD

Astrology, Music, Myth & Healing

Astrologers and teachers Gavin Carruthers and Vyktoria Keating present The Pluto Experience, a journey of self-discovery and self-healing. The astrological Pluto represents the urge to get in touch with that which is most true and most real in our lives, letting go of all that is false or toxic, thus freeing up potent, life-affirming heat, energy and aliveness. In these extraordinary times, we are all being challenged as never before to honor our spiritual truth. This video, taken from two live performances in Sedona, Arizona, explores Pluto in our personal lives, the collective, and the significance of Pluto’s recent journey into the sign of Capricorn.  It also includes several Pluto-themed songs written and performed by Vyktoria, spiritual tools for self-healing, an exploration of an ancient Sumerian myth, and lots of information about Pluto itself, and how to work with its challenging energies.

Running time: approx. 120 minutes

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